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SQLSdbc (SQL Server database compare) is a comparison tool for SQL Server database.
SQLSdbc compare script of database generated by SQL Server script generator.

SQLSdbc compare all these items :
- tables
- fields of table
- views
- stored procedures
- functions
- index
- constraints
- triggers

On one screen you have : detected, missing and different items.
The corresponding button is green if both databases are equal, else it is red.
Clic on a button to see the details. (see screenshot)

Remark : script must not be in UNICODE format.

How To generate a script :
- goto Enterprise Manager
- select one database
- goto script generator
- select all items (tables, views, ...)
- select all indexes
- don't select UNICODE script
- save your script

Some screen shots

Download SQLSdbc v1.00 (159 Kb)