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BipSQL is a front-end for SQL database.
Supported databases are : Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
In fact all databases which have an ODBC drivers could be added. Contact me if you want to make tests.

With BipSQL you can :
- launch query (SELECT...)
- launch command (CREATE, INSERT, DROP, DELETE, GRANT, ...)
- call functions (ie: SELECT @@VERSION for SqlServer or SELECT version() for MySQL)
- execute store procedures (ie: EXEC dbo.sp_SendMail ...)
- list tables and views of a database
- list columns of tables and views
- extract query result into CSV file

BipSQL use a ODBC dynamic link to access the database.
No installation is needed, no registery or file modification is done, no DLL are added.
You can run BipSQL from network, floppy disk, USB key, ..., or hard-drive.

You must only have ODBC driver (of your database) installed.
Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server driver are generally already installed on Windows OS.

Some screen shots

Download BipSQL v1.20 (194 Kb)

Old versions :
Download BipSQL v1.10 (184 Kb)